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We’re still open! Shipping times may be delayed due to Covid-19, but we are here to support your needs.
We’re still open! Shipping times may be delayed due to Covid-19, but we are here to support your needs.

Oransi Erik 650A Air Purifier


Oransi Erik 650A Air Purifier

  • MERV18 HEPA filter removes 99.99%+ of all particles - better than HEPA. Patented design. The highest level of air filtration in the market.
  • Your home or office will smell fresh and clean. Relieve nasal stuffiness and odors to make the air more breathable.
  • Proprietary gas filter media effective for wide range of gases, odors, smoke.
  • For residential, healthcare facilities, offices, mold remediation, abatement. Small to large sq ft sized rooms
  • ERIK650A , 855824002460
What's Included:

1 Erik Air Purifier with filters, User's Manual

Erick 650A Portable Commercial Grade Air System


Buy 2+ and Save $400+ ($1395 each)



The Industry-Standard

Same filters used in computer clean rooms & hospital operating rooms. Proprietary carbon and potassium permanganate for advanced gas control. Commercial air purifier with Merv 18 HEPA (99.99%+) performance. Main Filter has 4-30 times more filter media so it lasts a lot longer savings you at least $100 per year.

Best Reliability and Quality


Best Reliability and Quality

Air purifier, filters, housing and electronics all made in USA.




Latest German engineered motor is quieter and uses up to 90% less energy saving you $142 per year on average in electricity costs.

Room Size

Up to 1,700 sq ft at 2 air changes per hour. 

Perfect for large residential living areas, commercial property, offices, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, mold and asbestos abatement and any other space that requires portable air cleaning.

Effective For

All airborne particles and gases. Includes odors, smoke, bacteria, mold, dust, pollen, asbestos, pet dander, allergies, asthma. Commonly used for the removal of particulate matter, vehicle exhaust and gases related to smoke, methane, sewer gas, formaldehyde and benzene.

What's Included?
  • Erik650A Air Purifier
  • User's Manual
Energy Savings

Average Energy Savings: $142/year

How do you build the ultimate air-cleaning machine? It's simple; you combine the best filters with the best fan and make it in the USA. As allergy and asthma sufferers ourselves, we built the air purifier that we would want to use. Turn your room into a cleanroom!

Best filters

This Erik model air purifier has two filters – a 4” deep GAC impregnated activated carbon/potassium permanganate bed pre-filter and a 12” deep main HEPA filter. Effective for gases for smoke and gas leaks (methane gas, sulfur gases, and many others).

650A Pre Filter650A HEPA Filter 650A main HEPA Filter 650A filtration
  • Pre-filter is 4" deep combination filter with Merv 15 for small to large particulates and more than 3.5 pounds of our proprietary gas filter media that is effective for a wide range of gases and odors.
  • HEPA main filter (99.99%+ at 0.3 microns) is 12" deep
  • Main filter has 4-39X more filter media - lasts longer and quieter

The main filter is the same industrial filter that is trusted by hospitals and removes much more than any true HEPA filter.


Having more filter media means the main filter will last longer (2+ years) and it creates less air resistance. By not having to work as hard the motor can spin at a slower, quieter rate.

These are the same filters used in Hospital Operating Rooms, Clean Rooms, the Nuclear Industry, Containment units, Laboratories, and Pharmaceuticals. Perfect for home use or commercial air purification.

ERIK650A Filters
ERIK650A HEPA Filters
Best Motor/Fan

Erik has the best, latest German engineered EC motor and fan so it provides higher air flow while being quieter and using much less power. The EC motor is a much-improved technology over the traditional AC motor that nearly every other air purifier uses.

   Information Downloads:
Easy to Use
Oransi Erik 650A Air Purifier
  • Simple controls with variable speed knob to dial in the exact air flow.
  • No distracting lights to keep you up at night
  • No complicated user interface
  • Easy filter access
  • Don't need a manual to operate the unit.
  • Casters make it easy to push around. This unit has carrying handles.