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We’re still open! Shipping times may be delayed due to Covid-19, but we are here to support your needs.
We’re still open! Shipping times may be delayed due to Covid-19, but we are here to support your needs.
Why You Need a Whole House Water Filter System

Why You Need a Whole House Water Filter System


We need to use 100% treated water to protect us from chemical, biological, and environmental contaminants which cause diseases to leave us sick. A whole house filtration system disinfects whatever water comes into your house even before you use it. Water is an essential need and can't be avoided. The water we use to bath, eat, brush our teeth, and flush the toilet needs to stay filtered from the point of entry into the house. Here are the quick benefits of the whole house water filtration.

Chlorine has been said to help disinfect water and kill germs in it but no one tells us about the harmful effect of chlorine in the water we drink. It can lead to cell damage which can cause cancer. When chlorine mixes with the tiny organic compounds found in water, it releases a by-product that is harmful to the body called Trihalomethane, sounds scary and it's every bit of what it sounds like. Through whole house water filtration, you can reduce the exposure of chlorine to every water-related thing your family takes in.

Hard water is a thing and it's part of the reason why your clothes feel rough after laundry and also what ruins your shower surfaces and the glass in your bathroom. It also clogs your pores after it runs from your shower head down to your body and you keep wondering why your skincare routine isn't working? Or why there is dandruff in your hair even after using the best-recommended hair shampoo? Whole house water filtration should be added to your skincare routine, highly recommended.

Did you run the tap last night to take a quick midnight gulp and the water tasted funny? Like it had a lot of iron and chemicals you used earlier in your garden? Or did you serve your neighbor a glass of water and it had a strange color and now he’d never come back to your house anymore? It's the runoff from the herbicides and agricultural pesticides in your garden. It could also be blamed on the water pollution in your area, even natural water gets contaminated from storm runoff too or acid rain. You want your water to taste better or look even better, you need to filter it. Did you know that hard water causes kidney stones?

No hassle over your water being neat enough or healthy enough when you're certain of the filtration system you're using. You don't have to worry if the water in your bathroom is good for brushing as much as the one in the kitchen. You have one less worry and that's no water worries or should we say zero-water worries?

Once you have the whole house water filter system, you have embarked on a 5-10 year-long investment and you wouldn't always have to call a plumber. You won't have to worry about changing the filter or checking the pipes every other month. It's also easy to use. You also help to keep our planet clean because you wouldn't have to always buy water bottles and litter plastic around or have your best friend trip over a plastic can in your house at night and now you have to pay the hospital bills.

If you need an expert advice about which whole house water filtration system will work for you, or need to know more on how whole house water filtration systems work? Contact us!

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